"Wow, what a party!  I thought Jeff did a great job.  He was probably the best
entertainment we've ever had."  ..... Steve - University of Missouri
"Jeff Bergen was to die for!  Not only was he an outstanding entertainer, he was
certainly easy on the eyes too!  I could have watched him all day and all night.  Can
you find me a man that looks like that?"  ..... Karen - University of Missouri
"Jeff did a terrific job.  He sounded great and I loved the show.  Terrific
entertainment!  I feel that this was one of the most memorable events we have ever
had here at the university.  Thanks Jeff!" ..... Lisa - University of Missouri
"Jeff is the epitome of the one-man band, extremely entertaining!" ..... Karyn -
University of Missouri
"I absolutely and totally enjoyed watching and listening to Jeff!  He is the closest
thing to having Elvis actually still with us.  He was totally awesome and I would love
to hear and watch him again.  Thank you for making it possible for him to be here!!  
..... Karen - University of Missouri
"What a fantastic show!  Jeff was awesome!  I couldn't keep my eyes off him.  The
voice, the moves, WOW!"  ..... Barb - University of Missouri
"Jeff had an outstanding performance.  He really does sound just like Elvis!  It was
a great event! ..... Jada - University of Missouri
"You can tell Jeff that I found his show to be very entertaining!  Being a Memphian, I
know quite a bit about "The King", and he comes awfully darn close!  He not only
looks the part, but sounds like him too.  Great show!!  ..... John - University of Missouri
"As you can imagine, we've heard hundreds of people who thought they could sing like
Elvis, but that was incredible!"  ..... Gordon Stoker - The Jordanaires - Nashville, TN
"We were so convinced that Jeff was lip-syncing to Elvis' voice, that we actually bet
money on it!  Needless to say we lost!  I've just never heard anyone that does what he
does sound that good!" ..... Steve Keller -  Kansas City, MO
" I had never heard Jeff before, but when I did, I decided to add him to my up-coming
line-up at the Grand Emporium and  the Beaumont Club.  I thought he was a heck of a
singer!"  ..... Jim Kilroy - Concert Promoter -  Kansas City, MO
"I saw Jeff before his performance started dressed in just jeans and a T-shirt, and I
can tell you that Elvis never looked that good, even on his best days.   Wow!!"  .....
Cheryl  -  Isle of Capri Casino
"Elvis impersonators are often the subject of ridicule, but not this guy..... that was
truly impressive! ..... Bobbi  -  Isle of Capri Casino
"Hands down, the best voice I've ever heard do Elvis!" ..... Robert Jenkins, Talent
Buyer - Branson, MO
"We came just to get a few good laughs, because every Elvis impersonator we've
ever heard was so bad it was funny.  But Jeff was incredible, we couldn't believe that
was  him singing, and he is sooooo hot!!  Now we know what all the Elvis hysteria
was about back in the day!!"  ..... Kristi & Amy  -  Kansas City, MO
"I booked Jeff for a private event at our lake resort property, and could not have been
more pleased.  This guy knows what he's doing, and is head and shoulders above the
rest.  I highly recommend him, you simply can't go wrong!"
..... Bill Morgason -  Lake Tapawingo, MO
"We hired Jeff to provide entertainment for one of our annual corporate events.  You
have to be cautious when considering an Elvis Entertainer, because most of them
aren't very good, but Jeff came through with flying colors, one of the best I've ever
seen!  We are now considering him for a national event we are planning next year.  I
can highly recommend his services."  ..... Peter Herman -  President ARMA
"Jeff Bergen provided the entertainment for our corporate Christmas party at The
Arrowhead Club, and everyone was blown away!  His performance really made the
evening, and we didn't want it to end.  Jeff received a standing ovation from the
three hundred guests in attendance.  Vocally, the best we've ever heard!" .....  Blue
Ridge Bank Corporate Office -  Kansas City, MO  
"Jeff,.... thank you for the incredible performance you gave at the Town Pavillion.   I
can't tell you how  you TOTALLY brought down the house.  People could not believe
you were actually performing live, and pretty much everyone agreed you were the
best performer they had ever seen!"  .... Deborah - Event Planner, Dallas, TX
"Jeff,  we enjoyed your performance so much at our Gardens Gala, that we would like
you to be our entertainment  next year.  Please let me know if you are available."     .....
Sharon Snyder - Kansas State University
"Jeff Bergen provided the entertainment for our 50th Wedding Anniversary at the
Manhattan Country Club.   All in attendance were amazed at his talent.  We had heard
that he was good, but we were still surprised at how good he really was!  I highly
recommend him for any event where quality entertainment is needed."   
..... Jim Colbert - Professional Golfer - Manhattan, KS
"Jeff's recent performance at our event went beyond amazing, and his vocal range
was astounding!  Elvis was truly in the building!  Jeff was a total professional from
start to finish.  He just blew the roof off when he appeared!  We highly recommend Jeff
Bergen for your event!"   ..... Brennan and Deborah - Dallas, TX